updated July 26, 2019

Social Media Management

 Social media accounts include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Volunteers needed to:

  • Ensure all posts match Seven Pillars brand

  • Schedule 3-6 Posts per week

  • Curate and share branded content from the industry.

  • Create original content (images, updates, polls)

  • Interact with followers (retweeting, liking, replying to comments)

  • Manage Contests and Gi

Email Management and Customer Service Representative (email only)

Email Management

  • Setup a system for labeling, replying, and filing incoming emails.

  • Setting up automatic filters

  • Forwarding messages to other team members

  • Draft replies to frequently asked questions (canned responses)

Customer Service via Email

  • Reply to common customer service questions

  • Troubleshoot customer problems

Database Management

Managing Databases

  • Define and set up categories and rules

  • Enter new information into the database on a regular basis

  • Keep the database updated

  • Create data spreadsheets and graphs

  • Create monthly reports for board meetings

Grant Writing Assistant

Grant Writing Assistant

Works closely with Executive Director.

  • Research, compile and manage grants in a spreadsheet or database from corporations and foundations that pertain to the nonprofit. 

  • Conduct prospect research through key individuals, upcoming events and statistics. 

  • Provide writing support via contribution letters, newsletters and other mailings. 

  • Assist with fundraising events and projects as requested.

Content Creator and Editor

Content Creator and Editor

Assists any board member, mainly Executive Director in the creation of content for LinkedIn profiles, Blogs, Press Releases. Must be able brainstorm ideas with the team and work independently.

  • Create, format, and upload posts for LinkedIn, Blog, and Press Releases

  • Optimize new and existing blog posts